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So.. I have finally decided to start blogging.

My posts will be all about my passion and interest in IT & Entrepreneurship though my career path is within Finance (poor guy.. I like the pay and career development but not the work). Looking for a serious career switch – even if it’s little expensive – in near future. I mean a fulltime IT job – whether in an organization or on my own – in software development and solutions to businesses.

On PC side, I’m on Ubuntu (GNU/Linux) and I’ve got a Macbook pro as well. Phone side, I use Android and I love it.

I read posts on feedly and sometimes on Flipboard on a daily basis.

I love problem solving and to code and automate* work tasks and I had my hands dirty with Android development. Languages that I mostly use: AutoIt (a powerful scripting language for Windows), VBA for Excel and Java. Many of my searches ends up at stackoverflow.com , mrexcel.com and well known Android development websites.

* Below is a good example of what I really mean by work automation:

I quoted for you this story from:

GitHub May Actually Be Dragging Government Into The 21st Century

The White House Now Has A Digital SWAT Team

The White House Now Has A Digital SWAT TeamIt’s one small step for a government mainly stuck in the dark ages of technology. Balter told me that while he was on the White House SWAT (Software Automation and Technology) team, he wrote a script that cut the time one White House lawyer had previously spent messing around with spreadsheets from 45 minutes—to one:

As a taxpayer, we want these people working on law stuff, not busywork. And they would collect FOIA requests in spreadsheets and they would spend 45 minutes a day merging those spreadsheets. So we coded a script in 30 minutes so they can press a button and do that 45 minutes of work in one click. And if we share this script with other agencies, that’s the value of open source. We can free up government employees’ time to work smarter.

Would love to have comments and follows and to meet with friends with similar interests.

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