Cloned Existing Ubuntu / Windows to brand new Samsung SSD


I’m very happy to announce that I upgraded my main hard disk drive to a 500GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO two days ago.

Having Ubuntu (on my old 500GB hdd) and Windows 7 (on another 2TB hdd) already, I didn’t want to do a fresh OS installations. Rather I cloned both installations to my new drive using GParted on Ubuntu Live. (refer to the link to see in pictures how easily you can clone partitions)

So here’s what I did:

The old WD 500GB (contains Ubuntu)

  1. Cloned the /boot partition using GParted. (gives the same UUID)
  2. The option to copy Ubuntu main LVM partition (includes /home , root (“/”), and swap) was grayed out (maybe the swap partition was in use!) so I dd‘ed it with bs=10M which took ~1.5 hour. GParted lets you shrink a LVM partition given that all underlying LV sizes are not occupying all the space inside it. I freed the /home LV then I shrank the LVM partition to allow for Windows to fit into the SDD drive.

The 2TB (contains Windows and a large storage)

  1. Cloned the boot partition.
  2. Again, I had to shrink Windows 7 partition to be able to clone it into the remaining free space of the SSD drive. GParted helped me to shrink the partition to the desired size unlike Windows native tool; although a plenty of free space exist and the partition was optimized using the Defragment tool coming with Windows.


Now I have 3 hdds with a full empty WD 500GB.

Ubuntu boots in 7 seconds
Windows boots in 13 seconds (will upgrade to Windows 10 after sometime)
Auto-starting Apps flies like crazy.

You can get to start working/coding in less than 20 seconds. Sooooooooooo amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

Hope you all enjoy the speed of SSD drives at some point.


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