Crossover Cables Myth

Crossover cables are meant to automatically configure a direct connection between two devices without the need for a router. The automatically assigned IP should be in the range from to

There are times when you want to hook up two computers together at home or work and you don’t have a crossover cable.

Don’t worry, you actually never going to need one because you can achieve the same with a straight cable and a bit of knowledge from this tutorial.

You simply should assign each machine a different static IP while keeping both on the same subnet.

For example, you can use the below combinations:

1. First option:
Machine One IP:
Machine Two IP:
Subnet on both: OR

2. Second option:
Machine One IP:
Machine Two IP:
Subnet on both: OR

3. Third to N options: choose any combination on the same subnet if you understand IPv4.

You can enjoy a Gigabit speed if both machines support Gigabit connections where the transfer rates are very high.

This is so good for sharing large files at the speed of light which definitely your cheap wireless router won’t be able to afford.

For more instructions on how to set a static IP on Windows or Ubuntu, please follow the below pictures. If you are using a different OS and find it difficult to set a static IP please comment and I shall help you.

On Windows

1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. Then choose “Change adapter settings”.


2. Right click on the LAN interface icon and select Properties. (ignore WLAN, Bluetooth interfaces if present)


3.  Double click on TCP/IPv4


4. Set the IP combination you prefer. (The IP on the second machine should be different)


That’s it. Click OK and exit.

On Ubuntu

1. Right click on the network icon (right-top of the screen) and select “Edit Connections…”.


2. Click “Add”


3. Choose “Ethernet” (default option) and click “Create”.


4. Choose a name for your connection. The method should be “Manual”. Set your preferred IP range.


5. You should uncheck “Automatically connect to this network when it is available” because this connection will be used temporarily to share large files for example. You can check “All users may…” if the PC is shared and you don’t want others to stupidly select this network connection.


Good luck..

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