Create Evernote notes from a folder full of text files


Ever wanted to create batch notes in Evernote from folder contaning *.txt files?
Don’t worry as I am sharing a nice AutoIt script to do the job.

The reason I came across this is that I helped a friend to migrate all his Samsung S2 notes (hundreds) to his new phone. The notes were in *.vnt format. I used the following python converter on Python 3.4 which converted all notes to *.txt format:

Thanks for the above script creator. It also works with Unicode.

On my side, I made a little script to create notes on Evernote from all the new *.txt files.

Before running the script, you are required to:

  1. Have Evernote program installed on your Windows
  2. You should be signed in
  3. Install AutoIt (Download the Exe if you’re the admin or the Zip file if you don’t have admin rights)

Below is the script where you also can download from this link.

Update: You can press Esc key to stop the script. I added it just in case.

To see how this works, I recorded the following short video:

I didn’t use ENScript.exe coming with Evernote because it was not working with Unicode. Evernote.exe /Task:PasteClipboard worked nicely.

I hope you enjoy looking at the windows while flying.


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