Create Windows 10 bootable USB drives the easy way with Rufus


I came across a time-saving app called Rufus which not only can help you create Windows 10 bootable USB drive but it also supports many Linux distros as well as Windows XP through to Windows 10.

It has a simple interface that matches Windows’ disk format screen as you can see in the below picture:


All you have to do is select the tiny CD button and navigate to the ISO image and press Start.

WARNING: The app will format your pendrive so please back it up in case it has important files before proceeding.

The app is free, trusted, easy to use, fast, available in many languages and open-source (source available on github). You may download it from .

You may support it by distribution and/or donations. You can also contribute to its code or fix a bug.

Thank you for visiting the website.

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